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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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9-e, similarly also the same government code and section is also discussion only. conference of legal counsel pending litigation. and superior court 20614. president marshall: any public comment on the matter? counsel? >> i thought we had an agreement that if we're going to have trials on the third wednesday night, if we're going to have appeals on the third wednesday night with the full commission in order to clear up the dockets, that we would put them on first. i like that term much better. but that we would put them on first. i remember i got up and i said if you're going to do this, start the meeting at 4:00 so we get the officers up front and special interest groups have to wait. we're here again tonight, it is 8:00. they have an appeal. hopefully it will settle.
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we were ready at 5:30 to put that appeal on. president marshall: i tried. >> i know you tried. president marshall: thank you very much. >> if you want to open up the rules again, we can open up the rules to make it formal. >> you should have come up with public comment and make a comment so you could remind us that you were supposed to go first. president marshall: any further comment? all right. the commission has asked for a break. you want five minutes? a five-minute break. >> commissioner, do you want to call item 8? president marshall: we'll take a break. >> ok.
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[whereupon at 8:01 p.m. a break was taken. ]
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[commission resumes at 8:14] >> we are reconvening after a break at 8:15 p.m. i will note for the record the presence of all members of the
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commission. mr. president, we are moving down to item 8, which is a vote on whether to hold a closed session. president marshall: i need a motion. >> i move that with the condition that we're going to move back to open session and ask the chief about an issue on the chief's report. plash mash -- president marshall: that's correct. >> i second that then. >> we're in open session right now. president marshall: i know. i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i would suggest that whatever we are going to do, we take care of it quickly now because time is short and i am not going to be here for the rest of the closed session, and if it is something that pertains to something i have worked on, i would appreciate doing it quickly now. president marshall: we have a motion. we have a second to move into closed session? without objection so ordered.
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commissioner dejesus: i think if she's saying there is an open matter -- >> we should do it at this point in time. president marshall: that's the problem, if we do that, we'll never get to this. we may not get to these others. >> ok. fine. president marshall: moving to closed session. >> the moving party was commissioner pan and the second was commissioner dejesus. police commission will move into closed session at 8:17 p.m.. [at 8:17 p.m. the commission went to closed session]
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